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Trademark clearance has never been so easy.

IPSensus is a Data and Search provider with a special focus on Trademarks Searching and Monitoring.
Our platform IPSensus.com provides state-of-the-art Trademarks searches with customizable search reports available in various formats.


offline service IP Screening and Searching
  • Trademark Identical knock out search
  • Trademark Similarity search
  • Owner search (Trademark, Design)


offline service IP Intelligence
  • Data Verification and consolidation
  • IP Databases and Trademarks Statistics
  • Owner FILING alert
  • Trademark & Industrial Design Status monitoring


online service IPSensus.com
  • Trademark Identical knock out search
  • Phonetic Identity Search
  • Trademark Similarity search
  • Industrial Design search
  • Owner search (trademark, design)

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All our data originates from official sources and is updated on a daily basis. We exclusively focus on Trademark and Industrial Design searches. Our clients can either rely on our expertise and order their searches via our dedicated online portal or carry out their searches themselves using our easy-to-use and intuitive search interface.

Comprehensive Search Reports are delivered within maximum 48 hours, regardless of the scope of countries chosen from our current database collection. Local or overall legal opinions from our network of internationally renowned IP attorneys are available upon request with additional fees to complete your search reports.