what is IPSensus?

Sensus: latin word used in a number of fields including linguistics and law.

IPSensus is a Data and Search provider with a special focus on Trademarks Searching and Monitoring.

Created and developed by passionate professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience in the field of Intellectual Property, IPSensus is not just another Data and Search provider.

Our aim is to centralize IP related information, to interconnect the actors of the IP community and to facilitate the daily interaction between law firms and the industry.

IPSensus is committed to delivering the most accurate and fastest search results currently available in the IP Community. Searching with IPSensus improves your workflow, saves time and significantly reduces costs.

At IPSensus we believe that a powerful Search software does not have to be complicated and it is with usability and efficiency in mind that we developed and designed our state-of-the-art Trademarks search solutions.

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